• Mia Meyer Walle-Hansen

Project meeting with partners from London

What characterizes successful global Airport Cites? This question will be addressed in a literature study led by the London-based urban intelligence group The Business of cities. This fall, Managing Director Tim Moonen and Associate Charlie Ford will explore and share their insights on solutions for a global Airport City at Gardermoen – a regional centre with a diversity in future-oriented, sustainable and smart businesses. Multiconsult Bjørn Klimek and Mia Meyer Walle-Hansen met with them over a cup of coffee for sharing ideas for the study.

From left: Charlie Ford, Bjørn Klimek, Tim Moonen, Mia Meyer Walle-Hansen

- We will soon get started with interviews of local stakeholders in airport cities internationally. We look forward to familiarising ourselves with Gardermoen and the people and businesses in the region. The municipality and the developers have interesting visions for the airport city, which constitutes a good starting point for our analysis, says Tim Moonen.

With experience from more than 100 countries, the Business of Cites helps cities and businesses to work together, find and learn from each other, and adopt strategies and tools to achieve their goals. The study on Gardermoen will be informed by a review of other global airport cities. Insight into how they have succeeded in creating urban business districts connected to airports will help us understand how future business development in the region can build on the comparative advantages the Gardermoen Airport represents.

Airport cites post covid, amid the climate crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about great challenges for airport-related businesses worldwide, including businesses in travel, conference and hospitality around Gardermoen. Moving forward, good strategies for attracting and retaining a robust private sector, with diversity in its businesses and less dependency to the airport, is key to achieve sustainable economic development in the region moving forward.

Another relevant topic to be addressed is the impact of the climate crisis on airport cities. According to the group, climate considerations represent great challenges, but also interesting opportunities for airports worldwide. Airport cities can be a great venue for business clusters and organisations who wish to come together and innovate solutions for zero-emission air transport. Can businesses around Gardermoen can take part in these developments? We are excited to see what the study suggests.

First results of the study will be presented in the end of 2021.